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Spiritual Yoga

     Yoga is a complete holistic system incorporating mental, physical and spiritual practices; none of these aspects functions independently of the others, thus all yoga is in some way spiritual.

     People looking to develop or deepen personal spirituality will find invaluable practices from the Yoga tradition, irrespective of their particular religious background.  As a yoga teacher, interfaith minister and spiritual mentor, Michelle is passionate about seeking and connecting with the Divine through time-honored yogic methods.

     Michelle works one-on-one with individuals seeking a closer connection with the Divine of their understanding, helping them to gain a stronger sense of spiritual identity. Under her guidance, you will discover spiritual practices to suit your personality, convictions and lifestyle, such as: personalized rituals, spiritual journaling, meditation techniques, lectio divina and prayer.

     In working with Michelle, you will learn to access your innate internal spaciousness: the fertile ground of creativity, and the place within you where the Divine resides.