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     I have been doing yoga with Michelle privately for four months now. Michelle takes time to help me into the pose, and corrects or modifies poses as needed for my ability. She bases my practice on my needs for that day. For example if I say that I had pain in my hamstring she would have practice positions to relieve that discomfort. She also addresses other forms of yoga, not just the poses. I am a work in progress but so far I am so grateful that she is my teacher.

     Today I can sit in a crossed leg pose for over 15 minutes. That is on the heels of being told only last August that I needed surgery to my back to allow me to sit in a chair for more than 5-10 minutes.


     I had the honor and pleasure of attending Michelle's yoga classes twice a week for the past year.

     Michelle is a wonderful, caring and professional instructor. She always understood my need to modify many asanas. I have several serious ongoing health issues, including severe back and spine pain for the past decade or so. Yoga, under the right instructor, helps calm my mind, relieves stress, and lowers my pain level. Michelle showed me several positions that are especially healing, and I still recall the time when I was pain free for a record of 5 hours after one of her classes.

     Each day I practice Michelle's teachings. It is my firm belief that if Michelle can help me, she can help almost anyone.


     Just had to write to say not only how much I enjoyed your class, but that my knees which have been bothering me for months feel amazing this morning. Went for my usual walk/jog with the dog and I cannot even believe how completely absent the pain was.

     I was a little achy yesterday from using muscles I sadly hadn’t in a while, but today I feel great and as I said the lingering knee pain that I had has all but disappeared - and that's after one class.

I think it must be some combo of  the stretching and improved blood flowing through these legs.

     Can’t imagine how great I will feel many classes from now. Thank you again!


Michelle shows up with the intention to be present and to meet the students where they are which I've always felt is the highest compliment a teacher can pay her students. She has evolved her approach to be spontaneous without sacrificing a strong sense of purpose and direction and consistently received positive feedback from practitioners who appreciated her creativity and concern.


     After 2 private sessions with Michelle, my chronic back pain is in remission! If I skip practice for a day or two, I am in pain again. Michelle has great depth of insight -very knowledgeable and encouraging. I'm thankful and impressed.


     Michelle's classes are simply wonderful. She is a masterful yogi - intuitive, inventive, and enthusiastic. I continue my Premier membership solely for her classes there.

     I took a few private lessons with her and she made a private video for me a practice to heal my neck pain. She is a special yogi.


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